Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finished Cross-stitch projects

I was a crafting "machine" before my son was born. I would work on crafts whenever I was watching television (which sad to say is more than I should). But since he has been born my hands and attention have been otherwise diverted. Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade my son in for any number of craft projects, but I was recently able to finish two different cross-stitch projects that I have been working on. One is his birth announcement. The other is a kit I saw on Black Friday in 2006 (yes, 2006). It was of three cats. Now I have had three cats in my adult out of college life. Callie, passed away in 2006 and was tortoise colored (close to striped for you non-cat people out there). Then we got our orange cats Tommy and Princess. So when I saw this kit I saw three kitties on it. One striped, and two orange. I immediately knew I needed to get it since it had my three "babies" on it. I was just able to finish it.

Below are the pictures of the completed projects. Now I just need to get some frames to put them in.

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